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Daniel wrote about the Steven Green slumlord case in his Tampa Tribune column yesterday. It really is a joke how Green can even remotely suggest he his a “victim of circumstance”. If he’s a victim of anything, he’s a victim of getting caught. If he was so sure of his innocence, why did he choose to plead guilty to federal charges of failing to file tax returns in 1999, 2000 and 2001, and using a false Social Security number on an application for a $9 million mortgage? Yes your honor for I plead guilty. however, it’s not MY fault.

Thanks to the media, this story got local attention and exposed the plight of tenants who were the unfortunate victims of his money greed. If you listen to Green, it’s Hillsborough County’s fault for condemning the apartments as code violations accrued again and again. Hey, if they didn’t inspect, there wouldn’t have been any code violations.

And his “I’m a good guy because I give to charity excuse” is insulting. Do we allow bank robbers to get away with the robbery as long as they donate a portion of their crime profits to charity? No, of course not. Green is getting off easy with a 33 month sentence, probation, restitution, and fines. He should be forced to live in the same dump apartments he chose to purchase and rent to others.

What do you think? Post your comments.

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You can read the full Tampa Tribune column here

Nice column Daniel. Yes, many cats really do like to play and/or be swung around in a paper bag. I had a cat that absolutely loved it. I really don’t know what the big deal is if animal rights groups are upset over this campaign. I don’t suspect Checkers is encouraging cat owners to forcefully stuff their cats in paper bag. Trust me, any cat with just a little personality and curiosity will very willingly venture into that paper bag all on their own. I don’t see that as mistreatment of an animal. I’ll admit, Rapcat is not exactly the best promo gimmick on the market today. It certainly doesn’t make me want to run out to get my Rapcat toy and order a burger and side order of fries in the process. I hope Checkers isn’t hoping to increase sales with the help of Rapcat.

All you need to do Daniel is get yourself a paper bag or two and maybe even decorate it. Then give it to some cat loving friends of yours and you will see, the paper bag is one of the cheapest cat toys available today. Your cat owner friend will love you for it.

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Here are the movies Daniel recommended today.

Hollywoodland – Daniel said he watched it last week and really liked it alot. He called it a terrific flick.
A Man for All Seasons (1966) – Showing on Turner Classic Movies tonight at 8pm ET. A devout scholar gets caught in the middle of Henry VIII”s plans to break with the Catholic Church.
Witness for the Prosecution – Showing tonight on WUSF at 9pm ET (also on Sunday, Feb 25 at 1pm ET). Billy Wilder directed this tingling adaptation of Agatha Christie’s play about the trial of a man (Tyrone Power) accused of murder. Also stars Marlene Dietrich, and Charles Laughton.

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Movies, Movies, Movies

Today’s Daniel Ruth show was a lot of fun. Daniel and callers talked about movies for almost the whole show. This post is a list of all the favorites, predictions, and movie related comments that were discussed on the show today. This is a great resource if you want to find some hidden (or forgotten) gems from show listeners. Feel free to add your comments.

  • Barbara, Tampa – Favorite movie, To Kill a Mockingbird. Favorite comedy, Some like it hot. Favorite action/adventure, Gone with the Wind. (Daniel’s thought was the movie dragged without Clark Gable). Barbara’s pick for best picture was Babel but she would love to see Little Miss Sunshine win.
  • Daniel said his favorite movie is Lawrence of Arabia and he loved The Departed this year.
  • Rick, Sarasota – Best picture pick, The Departed
  • Daniel said he thought the Al Gore movie would probably win but he hasn’t seen it
  • David (no city mentioned) – commented he was memorized with the movie The Sweet Hereafter. His favorite move is Annie Hall
  • Daniel doesn’t think Little Miss Sunshine will win this year but he said you never can tell
  • Connor, Tampa – The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • Bob, St Pete – The Queen will win, best all-time movie, Blazing Saddles
  • David, Tampa – Favorite film, The French Connection, Worst movie, April in Paris
  • Daniel Ruth, Cool Hand Luke was a terrific movie, he loved Singing in the Rain
  • Dave, Dunedin – Favorite, The In-Laws and My Favorite Year. Predicts The Departed will win
  • Craig, Brooksville – Worst movie Plan 9 from Outer Space. Best, The Great Escape, Thunder Road, The Wild Geese, Above the Law
  • Alozo – Best, Casablanca. Favorite Comedy, Manhattan
  • Paul – Best, Casablanca, Rocky, Chariots of Fire
  • Grace, New Port Richey – Best, Gone With the Wind. Will win this year, The Departed
  • Daniel called The English Patient an awful, boring movie
  • A.R., Tampa – Favorite, One True Thing. Best picture pick, The Queen
  • Ed, Apollo Beach – Favorite, Enemy Below & Dave
  • Daniel still loves, and gets a lump in his throat, when he watches Field of Dreams
  • Buzz, Tampa – Favorites, Five Easy Pieces and Bird
  • Sam, Clinton, UT – Best, Dances with Wolves & Titanic. Will win this year, The Departed
  • Daniel called Chocolat and Traffic wonderful movies and Seabiscuit a nice feel good movie. He called Mystic River a powerful movie. I saw that move and agree, it was excellent. He also said he would have chosen The Aviator over Million Dollar Baby
  • Joe, Seffner – Liked Rob Roy
  • Glen, Tampa – Liked THX 1138 & Quest for Fire
  • Tim – Liked The Pope of Greenwich Village. Thinks The Departed will win
  • Joe, Tampa – Liked City of God & Crumb
  • Lou, Bradenton – Liked Ben Hur and Samson & Delilah, The Godfather, Once Upon a Time in America, Million Dollar Baby
  • Joel, Tampa – Liked The Bedford Incident, Seven Days in May, The Hill, The Train
  • Kelly, – Favorite movie, The Lion in Winter, Network. Likes Dreamgirls and The Queen this year
  • Sheila, Tampa – Liked The Departed, thought Babel had a better chance to win this year
  • Dan, Sarasota – Favorite movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundace Kid and Mister Peepers
  • Chet, St Petersburg – Favorites, The Shawshank Redemption, Platoon, Paint your Wagon
  • Daniel loved The Music Man as a musical
  • Camilla – Liked The Quiet Man, Gone with the Wind, The Shootist, The Wind and the Lion, Seven Days in May, One Night with the King
  • Charlie – Liked Bye Bye Brasil

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Netflix or Blockbuster?

Daniel made comments about liking to go to Blockbuster and peruse the aisles rather than use a service such as Netflix. This is surprising because when you compare the selection at your local Blockbuster store vs. what Netflix has to offer, there is no comparison. I would have guessed Daniel would prefer the Netflix selection rather than traveling to the local store. Daniel’s movie rental preference is really not that uncommon among people in their 50s.

Personally, I have not been a fan of Blockbuster since around the time DVDs started to come out. I vividly remember purchasing my first DVD player and again and again going to the local Blockbuster on 4th St in St Pete and they were no DVDs. I even asked the manager why they didn’t carry DVDs and sent a letter to Blockbuster HQs asking why they only rented VHS tapes. The response I got was Blockbuster had no immediate plans to offer DVDs as rentals. They thought it wasn’t “mainstream” yet. So for many, many, months I had to travel across town to a couple of independent owned stores who did offer DVDs for rent. Blockbuster did a great job in the 1990s of pinching and pushing out of business all the other chain and family owned rental stores but they dragged their feet when it came to weaning themselves off of the VHS tape. Sometime around that time, Netflix started up and I was a very early customer. This was around 1998-99 and Netflix even mailed me a t-shirt since I was one of their first xxx customers. So I was using Netflix long before most people had DVD players. I have not supported Blockbuster since then. They were very slow to support the DVD format and even today they pale in comparison to what Netflix offers. Basically, Blockbuster chose to drag their feet on the DVD format in the late 1990s and as a result, I will never do business with them again.

And while I’m on the subject, I very rarely go to the theatre to see a movie. It costs too much and even though the movie is on a big screen, I would much rather watch a film in the comfort of my own home, on a big screen TV, at a much cheaper price.

What is your preferred rental option? Netflix, Blockbuster, or other. Do you prefer to watch a DVD at home or go to the movie theatre?

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Al Jarreau

Sometimes Daniel plays Al Jarreau when he comes out of commercials. I don’t know much about his music but it sounds fun and it’s just perfect on a weekend morning with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. You can hear some music clips, browse his CDs, and support this blog by using this Amazon.com link.

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Judge Larry Seidlin

Daniel made some comments today regarding the Anna Nicole Judge. Daniel suggested he should be disbarred. He said the spectacle was a self mockery of the court. Daniel called him an embarrassment to the legal profession.

I did watch some of the courtroom goings on and although it was crazy in there, I thought if there was one area he needed to improve on was he needs to be tougher with the lawyers. He allowed them to yell or make comments in the court and the Judge should have told them all to just sit down and shut up. Some say he was auditioning for a Judge Judy type job. He would be perfect for that job. I liked his demeanor and his heartfelt attempt to ensure the right decision was made. So what if he teared up on the bench, he showed he’s a lot more human than most other Judges on the bench today. I bet he’s a fun person to work for.

What did you think? Did you watch any of the case on TV?

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