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If you’re a regular viewer of the danielruthshow.com blog, you’ll remember Shane from 3/3/07. His call then was regarding the Steve Stanton controversy. Shane made another call this week and showed he has no idea what truth is and can’t even provide simple definitions to the words he uses during the call. He called liberals anti-American and treasonous but then couldn’t explain why when Daniel asked him.

Listen to the clip here

Congratulations Shane for being this week’s caller of the weak..for the second time.

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Do you remember the call of the weak from 2/17/07 when Marianne from Tampa called and Daniel called her a liar and hung up on her? Then she called back and Daniel hung up on her a second time. Well, she called again last Saturday and guess what Daniel did.

Click here to go back and look at the full original call of the weak post to read what happened and hear a clip of call #1, 2, and 3. If she keeps this up, I may have to label her the caller of the month.

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Call of the weak 3/3/07

This week’s call of the weak is from Shane. He called regarding the Steve Stanton Largo, FL controversy. He called Stanton and abomination and claimed it was “in the bible” that what he was doing was wrong. Daniel really got mad regarding Shane’s lack of compassion and condemnation of Stanton. He called Shane a pinhead, phony and an embarrassment to Christianity.

This is a clip of the call along with Daniel’s response.
Click here to listen to the call

I totally agree with Daniel. Shane is an idiot. If Shane was a true Christian, he would have compassion and understanding of what Stanton is going through. Then for Shane to lie and say “it’s in the bible”, well that just shows that he (Shane) is in fact the abomination. To claim to be a Christian and lie about what is and is not in the bible, that’s just plain insulting. I’m really glad Daniel didn’t let this call go by without giving Shane a nice kick in the A**.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to break any copyright laws here Clear Channel or 970 WFLA. Just want people to hear the call to better help explain this post.

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Call of the weak 2/17/07

This week’s call of the weak is from Marian in Tampa. She started off pleasant enough (although waited until getting on the air before telling her husband what station she was calling). Unfortunately, she quickly showed that she simply doesn’t have a clue and someone must have implanted an organism in her that’s now eating her brain. The call centers around the war in Iraq and what signal the non-binding resolution sends. I really can’t believe Daniel kept her on the line as long as he did. And it’s even more incredible, this lying idiot called back a second time, and Daniel really gave it to her.

This is a clip of the two calls along with Daniel’s response.
Click here to listen to her first call
Click here to listen to her second call

And believe it or not, she actually called back yet again on 10 March and commented that she was hung up on the last two times she called. Daniel remembered her and you have to listed to the clip to hear what happened on the third call.
Click here to listen to her third call on 10 March

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to break any copyright laws here Clear Channel or 970 WFLA. Just want people to hear the call to better help explain this post.

My comments to Marian regarding this call

Marian, first of all, why didn’t you tell your husband the station number anytime during the 10-15 minutes you were sitting on hold before you went live on the air? Next, opposite day? I agree, it’s opposite day. You’re a smart, well informed caller who really knows what’s been going on since the Iraq war started.

The non-binding resolution was the biggest act of cowardice in the history of the U.S.? Are you kidding me? It’s called learning from past mistakes. Besides it’s NON-BINDING!!! So you say 70% of the democrats voted for the war, and when the going gets tough as you call it, they want to cut and run. You say that’s not how to fight a war. Marianne, accepting and understanding that mistakes were made and making changes to prevent even more mistakes from occurring, that’s NOT cut and run. It’s called learning. It would be stupid for us to continue the same war path we have taken for the last 5+ years and just hope we will have a different result. It’s like a person who walks into a door. How many times do they walk into the door before the learn that they must open the door in order to get through it? You call it cut and run…I call it not repeating the same mistakes again and again.

You asked what is the democrats plan for victory? I don’t believe democrats need a plan. Why? First of all, this is not a democrat or republican issue, it’s an issue for the whole country. Second, the office holder with the ultimate power over the military is the Commander in Chief. That’s why I don’t believe democrats need a plan. A democrat is not the Commander in Chief. What is the current administration’s plan? To keep walking into that door again and again and hope to get a different result? From what Ive heard in the news, the democrat plan is to say you know what Iraqis, we got rid of your tyrannical leader, it’s now time for you to step up and either start running your own country or continue this civil war you’re in. Either way, don’t expect the U.S. to continue sending troops over there to die in your civil war.

Who says we lose the war if we leave now or “cut and run” as you call it. Will this war ever be won? What’s your definition of winning? When all the big bad terrorists in the world are caught or captured? Do you really think that will ever happen, when we’ve caught them all? Who cares if the war rages on after we leave. I really don’t care. They can fight and continue their civil war until they’re all dead for all I care. When the U.S. had it’s civil war, did any of the world’s super powers at the time get involved and try and stop our civil war? No, they let us fight among ourselves until we decided enough was enough. So why should be stay there right in the middle of their civil war?

This is a war of will Marianne? Let’s look at one of the definitions of will – purpose or determination, often hearty or stubborn determination; willfulness: to have the will to succeed. What would you consider success Marianne? Short of dropping nuclear bombs all over that country, the Sunni’s and Shiites will continue hating and fighting each other no matter what we do. Just as they have been doing for the thousands of years before we arrived. You think we’re going to change that?

We liberated 25 million people? We brought Saddam to justice? We established a democracy? They’ve had 3 elections. Are you kidding me Marianne? Do you really believe what’s going on over there is liberty, justice, and democracy? Things are worse over there than before we arrived. That’s not what I call improvement. As Daniel said, voting is not the same thing as democracy.

You said the terrorists goal was to start a civil war. So what. So what if that was their goal. Why should I give a damn if they fight each other? Do you care? Do you really care about the Iraqis? If so, you should be more vocal about the thousands of them who have died since this war started. I don’t believe the democrats are on the side of the terrorists as you say. I see them being on the side of changing a policy that doesn’t seem to have worked very well so far. Why do we need to fight in Iraq’s civil war?

Your definition of winning is when we can leave the country with a stable democracy. You said you want to give the President “another chance” as you called it. Just how many “chances” are you asking for? Wasn’t a chance already given when we were told there were “weapons of mass destruction”. For whatever reason, it turned out to not be true. It’s like betting on a roulette wheel and losing. Then telling the dealer, I know I lost and I know I have no more money, but you need to give me another chance.

A blood bath if we abandon Iraq? It’s already a blood bath you idiot. How much worse can it get Marianne? What’s worse than the blood bath that’s already occurring over there now? Just because people voted, that does not mean their on “our side”. If they’re on our side, they need to do more than vote. They need to step up and stop the fighting within their own country and stop fighting and killing U.S. troops.

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