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Richard Elliot

Add saxophone artist Richard Elliot to the list of artists Daniel plays coming out of  commercial breaks. I don’t know much about his music but here’s his website if you want to check him out.

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Daniel mentioned Air America Radio on his almanac segment since it debuted 3 years ago last Saturday. He said he didn’t know if it was still on the air or not since it doesn’t air in the Tampa area. Air America Radio is still going strong. It does air in Florida on WINZ-AM 940 AM – in Miami and on WJNO-AM 1290 AM – in West Palm Beach. Both of those stations do offer online listening. Air America Radio also airs on XM Satellite Radio ch. 167.

You can also listen to all their programming online at AirAmerica.com. They have a premium podcast option if you can’t listen online or don’t have XM Satellite Radio. With the subscription you can download all their shows and listen to them on your computer or on your iPod or other MP3 player.

They’re an excellent liberal/progressive network to listen to if your tired of all the conservative talk shows that currently air in the Tampa area. Check them out.

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Last week I posted the comment that Daniel often plays a Rob Mullins clip when he comes out of commercials (bumper music). Daniel made the comment that he’s a very good piano player but his music is hard to find. Well chalk it up to the speed of the internet but I was quite surprised to get a Daniel Ruth Show Blog comment from Mr. Mullins himself today. He said he heard from a student about my blog post and Daniel’s comment and he basically wanted to let us know his music isn’t as hard to find as Daniel eluded to. So below you’ll find the nice post from Mr. Mullins and his recommendation of where to find his music. You can also use this link and see what Amazon.com has available.

If you’re not sure which song I’m referring to or if you want to hear Daniel’s comment that started all this, you can listen to the clip here. I still don’t know what the song title is or what album it’s from but maybe Mr. Mullins will help us identify it.

Thanks Mr. Mullins

One of my students emailed me to say you were talking about my music on this blog. Actually, my music isn’t hard to find at all, just sometimes its hard to get the word to the right people at the right time and place.
I have six of my CD’s on Apple iTunes. If you go to iTunes and just type in “Rob Mullins”, Standards and More, Soulscape, Joyful Noyz, Winter Dreams, Red Shoes, and the Odd Couple all are available in digital format. Also, for a full list of my CD’s and how to get them, visit my website http://planetmullins.com and click on “Buy Cd’s” at the top of the homepage. Thanks for thinking of me.-Rob Mullins LA CA 3/25/07

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Rob Mullins

Daniel usually plays Rob Mullins at least once a week when he comes out of commercials. He said it’s very hard to find his stuff but Amazon.com has quite a bit of his music for sale. If you would like to hear some of his music clips or buy any of his music, please use this Amazon.com link. You will be supporting this blog while picking up some very good music.


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Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad is often played on Daniel’s show. The song he uses in the bumper music is from the album Ahmad Jamal at the Pershing: But Not for Me and the song you hear is called Surrey with the fringe on top. You can hear a short clip of it here. If you decide to purchase it, please use my Amazon.com link and you will support this blog.


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Al Jarreau

Sometimes Daniel plays Al Jarreau when he comes out of commercials. I don’t know much about his music but it sounds fun and it’s just perfect on a weekend morning with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. You can hear some music clips, browse his CDs, and support this blog by using this Amazon.com link.

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Joe Sample

If you’ve listened to the Daniel Ruth Show with any regularity, you’ve no doubt heard the music of Joe Sample when the show comes out of commercials. As with all the music Daniel plays on his show, it’s just perfect on a weekend morning with a cup of coffee, a newspaper, and the Daniel Ruth Show. You can hear some music clips, browse his CDs, and support this blog by using this Amazon.com link.

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