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Daniel mentioned Air America Radio on his almanac segment since it debuted 3 years ago last Saturday. He said he didn’t know if it was still on the air or not since it doesn’t air in the Tampa area. Air America Radio is still going strong. It does air in Florida on WINZ-AM 940 AM – in Miami and on WJNO-AM 1290 AM – in West Palm Beach. Both of those stations do offer online listening. Air America Radio also airs on XM Satellite Radio ch. 167.

You can also listen to all their programming online at AirAmerica.com. They have a premium podcast option if you can’t listen online or don’t have XM Satellite Radio. With the subscription you can download all their shows and listen to them on your computer or on your iPod or other MP3 player.

They’re an excellent liberal/progressive network to listen to if your tired of all the conservative talk shows that currently air in the Tampa area. Check them out.


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Daniel had caller after caller today say what Stanton wants to do is immoral. Again and again Daniel asked people to explain what’s immoral about it. Not one caller could give a coherent explanation of why it’s immoral. Some of these idiots insist on trying to throw the liberal word out there, like this is a liberal thing. Then they can’t say coherently what’s liberal about it or even explain what liberal is.

A lot of the people keep saying the bible says this, the bible says that. Why do THEY, care about what he does to HIS body? It’s not affecting them and it’s none of their business. So what if it says in the bible (and it doesn’t) that what Stanton wants to do is wrong. Well that’s an issue between him and his God, not him, his God, and YOU. It’s not a concern of anyone else except those two entities. If there is a God and Stanton does something that’s not allowed, well then he’ll have to answer to his God. He doesn’t need to answer to YOU. You don’t have to answer for his decisions, so why do these religious fanatics think it’s their duty to inform everyone else what’s right and what’s wrong? It’s between that person’s God and them, it’s not a threesome.

Next, this country is governed by the laws we (humans) established. Some are based on religion, but in the end, the laws are established by humans. When a person breaks the law, the human law is what we look at to determine if they’re to be punished or not. God, (if there is one) will ultimately determine if a biblical law was broken and send that person to heaven or hell, you/we do not decide that. These religions fanatics are attempting to enforce biblical laws above and beyond our human laws. Who are they to decide this? They’re called religious fanatics. They want to force their religious laws on people who may or may not believe in them. Hey, maybe I worship a different God. Maybe I don’t worship a God at all. That’s none of your business. A sex change may be wrong in your opinion, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong in my opinion. If you don’t want freedom of religion, or freedom to not believe in a God at all, then you must be un-American as the religious fanatics like to say.

When a person robs a bank, they’re brought to court and charged with whatever human law says robbery is illegal. We don’t bring them to court, look at the bible and say Mr. Robber, you are hereby charged with the crime of (insert chapter & verse) from the bible. According to the bible, your punishment is… That’s not how our society works. The religious fanatics need to be more concerned about what THEY are doing right and wrong and whether or not it will get THEM to heaven or hell. They need not be concerned about what EVERYONE ELSE is doing and whether or not all the rest of us are breaking their laws, from their bible, from their God.

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Daniel said today he watched Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth and said he wouldn’t recommend it in his Dining and Dancing Guide. He said it wasn’t a thrilling piece of cinema. He said he liked Jesus Camp more which he called a terrific and wonderful documentary. He said what he doesn’t understand (I don’t understand it either) is why conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Todd Schnitt get all hot and bothered about Al Gore and the scientific proof of Global Warming. Daniel said he was driving in his car the other day and he was almost getting splattered with the foam coming out of their mouths through the radio. Daniel asked why is there this unbelievable effort on the part of these people to discredit Al Gore on this issue? Daniel called it a stalker-like obsession where they try and move heaven and earth to try an discredit anything Gore has to say about Global Warming and the health of the environment. Where does this animosity come from?

Well first of all, the appearance is that some far-right conservatives will argue against ANYTHING the other side has to say. The liberals could say the oceans are deep and these conservatives would say, no it’s not. They will pick the opposite of whatever liberals have to say on almost every issue. There is no agreement or compromise, even when the facts prove them to be wrong. Not all conservatives are like that but the vocal, public ones on this issue cast a negative shadow on the moderates.

Next, I think it’s because some conservatives have simply played followed the leader, ignoring the science that clearly shows global warming exists. If their leader said the world was flat, they would be foaming at the mouth to try and convince everyone the world was flat without considering if the argument was based on fact.
I think a better way to get people involved in this is to say ok, let’s assume Global Warming is not occurring due to greenhouse gases, it’s just a cyclical warming of the earth. But there’s no denying (I think there’s no denying) the planet is being harmed by increased pollution. So let’s do the same things that we’re encouraging everyone to do to reverse Global Warming, and instead do those same things to reduce pollution. So basically we don’t say we’re fighting Global Warming, we say we’re fighting Global Pollution. Same effect, different title. Next they’ll probably say we need more scientific evidence to prove there’s more pollution in the world than there was 50 years ago.

What do you think?

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Daniel and many, many callers today talked about the Largo City Council’s embarrassment that is the Steve Stanton firing. Despite nationwide and local outcry and a most likely very costly discrimination lawsuit as a result, the cowards of Largo fired Stanton anyway. Daniel Ruth had this to say on the issue on today’s show.

Daniel called them gutless and thinks Stanton has a pretty solid case of sex discrimination against the city of Largo. He also said the City Council discriminated against Steve Stanton, who just until a couple of weeks ago, was doing a good job and was highly rated as the City Manager. He’s basically being fired because he’s undergoing a surgical procedure. He doesn’t know how you morally justify what the City Council did last night. If he was an able, competent City Manager as Steve Stanton, why will he not be able and competent as Susan Stanton? Daniel called the City Council Vagina Vigilantes. He said he thinks the city will wind up paying a dear price for their ignorance. He also said he doesn’t think God cares what Steve Stanton does.

  • David in Tampa said he was disappointed but not surprised. He blamed the decision on uneducated, evil, bible waving individuals.
  • Brent in Bradenton asked the question where does morality come from? What is your moral compass? He said it comes down to the way we were made. He said what Stanton is doing is a result of a corruption of the mind. He talked about Stanton making a decision to go against the way he’s been made. He then when on to say what Stanton wants to do goes against the holy standard of God. Daniel asked how he knew that, Brent couldn’t give a specific word for word biblical reference that said changing one’s gender was “immoral” as he called it.Brent said it was immoral to change one’s appearance. Daniel said what about a breast change, ear piercing, or nose job? Apparently to Brent, that’s immoral too.
  • Paul in Marco Island called and said if Brent wants to say changing one’s appearance is immoral, then cutting one’s nails, hair, or shaving a beard must also be immoral.
  • Bo in Tampa said what about circumcision, is that immoral? He also said why do men have nipples, did God make a mistake when creating man? He said it’s a real shame and a real testament to our society right now and the lack of enlightenment in society. He said he feels sorry for Stanton.

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Gwen Miller & Joseph Caetano showed how much they care about Tampa yesterday, neither had the courage to attend their scheduled debates with Joe Redner and Frank Margarella. Les Miller said his wife, incumbent Gwen Miller, had a prior campaign-related commitment. She is running against Redner in Tuesday’s election for the citywide District 1 seat. Joseph Caetano said he was advised by a campaign consultant not to attend. Excuses, excuses. When you can’t attend a debate that’s setup to allow the citizens of the city determine where you stand on the issues and help decide how they will vote, well, you’re essentially saying you don’t want their vote.

Miller and Caetano showed yesterday what spineless cowards they are. Would you give your business to a contractor who didn’t show up at an appointment at your home? Would you vote for a candidate that didn’t show up for a debate appointment for the citizens of Tampa? I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday. Get out and vote people!!!

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Thanks to the Dr. Jillian T. Weiss Blog, I was given a heads-up that the Stanton hearing will have live blog coverage on the St Pete Times (tampabay.com site). Or you can watch the video at Fox News using this link. So if you can’t be there and want to know what the outcome is, surf on over there to find out. Or watch your local news, I’m sure they’ll be all over this story.

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On 19 March 2007, Steve Stanton’s attorney submitted a reply to Largo City Council resolution No. 1924. The resolution put into motion the procedures to fire Stanton. The case is still ongoing and thanks to the Dr. Jillian T. Weiss Blog, we now have a copy of the reply given to the City Council. You can read the reply here. As the Weiss blog points out, the four main points of the reply are:

  1. Terminating An Experienced, Effective and Highly Skilled City Manager Does Not Serve the Best Interests of Largo Residents
  2. The City Should Base Employment Decisions On Objective Performance Criteria And Comply With Its Own Non-Discrimination Policies
  3. Mr. Stanton Followed Professional Guidelines For Disclosing His Transgender Status To His Employer
  4. Transitioning Permits Transgender People To Live Healthy, Productive Lives

I’m not knowledgeable on the topic of Transgender issues, I just don’t like to see people being discriminated against as a result of their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. So if you want to read more on the law of it all, surf on over to the Jillian T. Weiss Blog.

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