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Daniel had caller after caller today say what Stanton wants to do is immoral. Again and again Daniel asked people to explain what’s immoral about it. Not one caller could give a coherent explanation of why it’s immoral. Some of these idiots insist on trying to throw the liberal word out there, like this is a liberal thing. Then they can’t say coherently what’s liberal about it or even explain what liberal is.

A lot of the people keep saying the bible says this, the bible says that. Why do THEY, care about what he does to HIS body? It’s not affecting them and it’s none of their business. So what if it says in the bible (and it doesn’t) that what Stanton wants to do is wrong. Well that’s an issue between him and his God, not him, his God, and YOU. It’s not a concern of anyone else except those two entities. If there is a God and Stanton does something that’s not allowed, well then he’ll have to answer to his God. He doesn’t need to answer to YOU. You don’t have to answer for his decisions, so why do these religious fanatics think it’s their duty to inform everyone else what’s right and what’s wrong? It’s between that person’s God and them, it’s not a threesome.

Next, this country is governed by the laws we (humans) established. Some are based on religion, but in the end, the laws are established by humans. When a person breaks the law, the human law is what we look at to determine if they’re to be punished or not. God, (if there is one) will ultimately determine if a biblical law was broken and send that person to heaven or hell, you/we do not decide that. These religions fanatics are attempting to enforce biblical laws above and beyond our human laws. Who are they to decide this? They’re called religious fanatics. They want to force their religious laws on people who may or may not believe in them. Hey, maybe I worship a different God. Maybe I don’t worship a God at all. That’s none of your business. A sex change may be wrong in your opinion, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong in my opinion. If you don’t want freedom of religion, or freedom to not believe in a God at all, then you must be un-American as the religious fanatics like to say.

When a person robs a bank, they’re brought to court and charged with whatever human law says robbery is illegal. We don’t bring them to court, look at the bible and say Mr. Robber, you are hereby charged with the crime of (insert chapter & verse) from the bible. According to the bible, your punishment is… That’s not how our society works. The religious fanatics need to be more concerned about what THEY are doing right and wrong and whether or not it will get THEM to heaven or hell. They need not be concerned about what EVERYONE ELSE is doing and whether or not all the rest of us are breaking their laws, from their bible, from their God.

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Daniel and at least one caller made a reference to the “Stress Test” booth run by the Church of Scientology. Daniel said he though they must have done some market research and determined there was some potential for recruitment to the cult if they had a booth there. Scientology is not unlike the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Both have recruited enough people to get “religion” status and now they think they can tell everyone else how to live life, else we all go to hell.

Did you check out the booth while you were there? What did you think of what they had to say?

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Daniel brought up something that has bothered me for years. Why do people insist on thanking God for winning a game or a player thanking God for having a good game? It’s moronic. If there is a God, I seriously doubt they have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than to manage a sporing event.

Secondly, if you have the balls to thank God for the winning catch, interception, or anything else related to the game, why don’t you thank God when those things don’t happen? Why not blame God when you lose? Why not blame God when you throw an interception, fumble the ball, or get hurt? Does God not get involved with bad things like that (that must be the work of the devil)?

Many players want to thank God for getting to the Super Bowl, World Series, or other sports finals. What about the other teams that didn’t make the playoffs or lost in the last round? Why didn’t God help them win?

They ought to be thanking their spouse and children who supported them while they were out-of-town and took care of the house, car, pets, and PTA meetings you weren’t around to attend. That’s in addition to taking care of the children who only see their daddy during home games or off season. How about thanking the fans for the high prices they have to pay to support your undeserving salary. How about the team owner who paid an arm and leg to sign you to a contract. How about apologizing to your kids for missing their play recital and baseball games? No, none of that is worth mentioning. We must thank God because without him, your nothing.

It’s foolishness and it makes those people sound like complete morons. Get a clue and stop the madness!!!

What do you think?

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