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Daniel talked a bit about University of Florida’s Corey Brewer and the comment he made after the championship victory. Daniel is upset with Brewer’s decision to put NBA money ahead of a college degree.

Brewer said: “We feel like we did everything we could possibly do in college basketball,” said Brewer, who finished with 1,225 points, shooting 47 percent. “It’s been really fun, but now it’s time to move on. We have bigger challenges. It’s just hard not to be together anymore.”

Daniel said “here’s a bigger challenge for you, how about graduation, how about getting your degree?”. Daniel went on to say the University of Florida gave him a 4-year scholarship with the “expectation” he would stay long enough to complete his education. As a matter of principle, Brewer should consider a college degree just as important as a career in the NBA. What happens if he blows out his knee in the first day of practice? College basketball (NCAA) has one of the worst graduation rates of any other collegiate sport. Daniel said it’s deplorable that money and NBA fame is more important than the importance of a college education.

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Daniel chimed in on the Pete Rose admission this week that he did in fact bet on baseball games while manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Daniel called him the dumbest person on the face of the earth and a loathsome human being. He said he must have an oat bag for brains. Daniel thinks if Rose simply acknowledged his misdeeds way back when this controversy initially surfaced, apologized, and begged for forgiveness…he probably would have been reinstated. Instead, for 20 years or so he basically lied to EVERYONE and repeatedly said he didn’t bet on baseball. Daniel went on to say he hopes he stays banned from baseball for a very long time.

I completely agree with Daniel on this one. I actually believed Rose at one point after he was banned and said he never did it. Now I just feel betrayed because after all, I was lied to just like all baseball fans were. He chose to deceive and failed to admit what he did until years later. So sorry Rose, it’s too late. Why should anyone care about you now after you have lied all these years? Rose is despicable and got exactly what he deserved. Even if he came out at the time and said something like he had a gambling addiction and was seeking help, he probably would have been forgiven. But he chose the road to deception and he’ll forever be remembered as a great baseball player who was also a compulsive lier.

What do you think?

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Daniel made some comments today regarding the Snickers and GM Super Bowl ads and the controversy surrounding them. You can read the Snickers Yahoo news story here and the GM Yahoo news story here. I didn’t even hear about the controversy until his show today so this is news to me.

First the Snickers ad. People really need to just grow up and stop accusing others of being homophobic as a result of this ad. The fact is, whether being gay is a choice or genetic, the act of two males kissing is not accepted in society. Two females kissing on the other hand is often considered erotic…and I agree. So until our culture changes, the gays need to grin and bear it. If they choose to continue to kiss in public, they have to accept the fact that a good portion of society doesn’t approve of that behavior. And all this is coming from someone who supports gays. I have no problem with them at all and personally could care less if they kiss or hold hands in public. I wonder if two gays are offended when they see two heterosexuals kissing in a TV ad?

Now the GM ad. I must admit, I liked the commercial, but I can see how some people might be concerned about the message it sends. I suppose people in the crisis care field and those people who know someone who either committed suicide or jumped off a bridge would be concerned and/or offended. But I didn’t see it that way when I watched it. I really doubt anyone would consider jumping off a bridge after seeing a robot in a Super Bowl ad do it. I didn’t see the connection between this ad (a fictional robot with a brain and feelings) and Tony Dungy when I saw it and quite frankly, I didn’t here anyone I know comment on it until Daniel did today. The whole controversy is way overblown in my opinion.

Almost everything will offend someone. We need to stop being so politically correct all the time and trying to please everyone all the time. That will never happen. What do you think?

Watch the GM ad here

Watch the Snicker’s ad here

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Daniel brought up something that has bothered me for years. Why do people insist on thanking God for winning a game or a player thanking God for having a good game? It’s moronic. If there is a God, I seriously doubt they have NOTHING BETTER TO DO than to manage a sporing event.

Secondly, if you have the balls to thank God for the winning catch, interception, or anything else related to the game, why don’t you thank God when those things don’t happen? Why not blame God when you lose? Why not blame God when you throw an interception, fumble the ball, or get hurt? Does God not get involved with bad things like that (that must be the work of the devil)?

Many players want to thank God for getting to the Super Bowl, World Series, or other sports finals. What about the other teams that didn’t make the playoffs or lost in the last round? Why didn’t God help them win?

They ought to be thanking their spouse and children who supported them while they were out-of-town and took care of the house, car, pets, and PTA meetings you weren’t around to attend. That’s in addition to taking care of the children who only see their daddy during home games or off season. How about thanking the fans for the high prices they have to pay to support your undeserving salary. How about the team owner who paid an arm and leg to sign you to a contract. How about apologizing to your kids for missing their play recital and baseball games? No, none of that is worth mentioning. We must thank God because without him, your nothing.

It’s foolishness and it makes those people sound like complete morons. Get a clue and stop the madness!!!

What do you think?

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Super Bowl betting

Approximately $100M is expected to be spent in Nevada alone on bets for the game? Wow, that’s a lot of cash. I wonder how much is spent on illegal gambling. I bet there’s some stat that says the weeks following a Super Bowl, more people are beat up by bookies than at any other time of the year.

Have you ever bet on the Super Bowl and won or lost? I did it online several years ago and won a couple hundred. I was smart and took the money and ran. There are some crazy bets they offer on the game. If you can think of it, there’s probably a bet available. I’ve seen things like a bet on who wins the coin toss to how long one of the halftime songs will be and which song the band will start off with. From the first injury to overtime, they have bets for EVERYTHING.

Daniel said that 55% of all Super Bowl bets are put down on props which are bets on not who wins or loses, but on the other things that happen like which team will get the first penalty, which team will fumble the ball first, or which player will get the first touchdown.

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Super Bowl Ad rates

Rates this year cost an average of $2.6M for a 30-second spot. Personally, I think the companies placing the ads are getting ripped off. Some of the commercials are funny, however, never have I knowingly purchased a product simply because I saw it on a Super Bowl ad.

Have you? What do you think of the ad rates this year?

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Daniel mentioned the Monday after the Superbowl is the biggest sick-day of the year and there are more car accidents following the game than at any other day of the year.

Did you ever call in sick the day after a Superbowl?
Did you ever get in a car accident immediately after a Super Bowl?

If so, please tell your story.

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