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Daniel announced today he is back on the radio. He’ll be airing from 1 to 3 p.m., over WWBA, 1040 AM. You can listen online here and the call in numbers are: Tampa 289-1040, Pinellas 577-1040, Toll-Free 877-355-1040. They also have a webcam so you watch Daniel and listen to the show at the same time. Below is the Tampa Tribune article announcing the news.

Preparing To Be Warmly Welcomed Back To The Talk Radio Airwaves

Published: August 3, 2008

Recently, I received an e-mail missive from one of the legions of loyal, devoted, satisfied readers of this space who took note of the cancellation of my old radio show on WFLA, 970 AM.

The letter included doubts about my parentage, sexuality, integrity and, of course, patriotism, that might lead a more generous view to conclude that I am read by endlessly curious people.

When I informed the letter writer that I would be returning to the airwaves as of today, he responded with: “I can’t ^%$#&*# believe it!”

But precious reader, isn’t this a testimony that indeed dreams, your dreams, can come true in this great land of ours? Believe, my dear friend, believe.

At the risk of crass self-promotion, I will begin broadcasting this afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m., over WWBA, 1040 AM.

So again the random hearts of social discourse will once more be reunited. I’m counting the moments until I hear from the “Obama is a Muslim” crowd, the Saddam was responsible for 9/11 constituency and the ever popular Bible Thumping “God allowed Hurricane Katrina to destroy New Orleans because he was annoyed with gay people, especially Barney Frank.”

Wonder, Not

I sometimes wonder whether certain consumers of this column suffer from an attention deficit disorder the envy of an anvil. But I generally don’t have to wonder very long.

You would have thought a column a few days ago on revelations by The Miami Herald that more than 10,000 people with criminal records (including murder!) were able to win state approval to work in the mortgage business, might well have generated a reaction from readers decrying such bureaucratic incompetence.

One reader wanted to blame Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink for the mess, even though Sink wasn’t even in office during most of the period the lax oversight occurred.

Somehow – and I’m still trying to figure out the Gordian Knot of logic at work here – alneri used the mortgage brouhaha to weigh in on the 2000 election nightmare and 9/11, and oh yeah, former Clinton National Security adviser Sandy Berger.

‘Nuff Said

“You are so blinded by your hatred of Bush that you cannot understand that all intelligence has uncertainty,” alneri wrote, which made my head hurt very much. “And all presidents rely on the consensus and by the way, this was a column about mortgage fraud of a circle of advisors.

“Clinton’s major advisor in this area was a man named Sandy Berger. ‘Nuff said.” Yes, thank Gawd.

Here’s the scary part, this guy is probably one of my listeners.

Another column on the ongoing tiff between Barry Cohen, who represented Steve and Marlene Aisenberg, and who has accused Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office attorney Tony Peluso of attempting to frame him as an accessory to murder, sparked this response from drdneast.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this exactly what Peluso did when he was investigating the Aisenbergs and lied about the content of secret wiretapped record?” drdneast wrote. “Peluso has a history of trying to frame people.”

Uh, drdneast? Let me correct you. You are wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. And let’s just throw in a general purpose wrong for good measure.

Peluso had nothing to do the original federal charges against the Aisenbergs. He had nothing to do with the botched wiretaps in the case. And there is zero evidence Peluso has a “history” of lying and/or trying to frame people.

Look, I don’t mind you responding to columns but could you please have more familiarity with the subject matter at hand than a bag of snipes?

The column on the Caliente Nudist Resort is still attracting a reaction, especially this from sarababe: “Naturism is a great human equalizer. It’s about accepting yourself and others for who you are and not what you look like. It’s about de-stressing, relaxing, getting back to innocence.

“I feel my batteries being recharged.”

Sarababe? You were doing great until you got to the de-stressing and the batteries part. That is waaaaay too much information for me.

Lastly Confederate Flag toady Bart Siegal …., oh who cares anymore?

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Daniel said like most people, he was stunned to learn that John Winter had taken his life. He said he wouldn’t claim to be a close personal friend of John but they knew each other and called him a charming, affable, funny, bright guy. He said his passing is a great tragedy for all of us. TBO.com has an extensive tribute page.

Public memorial service is Tuesday 10 April, @ 4pm Hyde Park Methodist , West Platt St, Tampa. The family asks donations be sent to Rough Riders Teddy Bear Drive, PO Box 75892, Tampa, FL 33675 and Hillsborough County Animal Services, PO Box 89159, Tampa, FL 33689-9998.


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Gwen Miller & Joseph Caetano showed how much they care about Tampa yesterday, neither had the courage to attend their scheduled debates with Joe Redner and Frank Margarella. Les Miller said his wife, incumbent Gwen Miller, had a prior campaign-related commitment. She is running against Redner in Tuesday’s election for the citywide District 1 seat. Joseph Caetano said he was advised by a campaign consultant not to attend. Excuses, excuses. When you can’t attend a debate that’s setup to allow the citizens of the city determine where you stand on the issues and help decide how they will vote, well, you’re essentially saying you don’t want their vote.

Miller and Caetano showed yesterday what spineless cowards they are. Would you give your business to a contractor who didn’t show up at an appointment at your home? Would you vote for a candidate that didn’t show up for a debate appointment for the citizens of Tampa? I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday. Get out and vote people!!!

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Daniel’s column on 20 March dealt with the Tampa Chump, I mean Trump Tower on Ashley Drive. The Tribune also had an article on the subject on 14 Feb. You can read it here. Apparently there are two condo customers who want to get out of their Trump condo because they are unhappy the with delays and the possibility the contract will not meet the expected move-in date.

There are been numerous problems with the project including a lack of financing (Trump is basically only using his name, not his money), possible unstable ground near the river, unresolved ownership issues, and unpaid contractors. Now these condo investors are getting a little antsy as each deadline comes and goes. It’s unlikely they’ll have any recourse at this poit since as long as the condo contract hasn’t been broken, they basically just need to wait until the deadline before they can cry about not being able to move-in on time.

Hey, if you’ve got approximately $150K for a Chump Tower Condo, you can afford to wait until the deadline has passed before filing your lawsuit. It’s not Trump’s fault you chose to buy a glorified apartment after seeing too many Apprentice episodes. As the saying goes, there’s a sucker born every minute.

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